Miss American Girl (MAG) holds a State level pageant in Ohio annually.  No experience is necessary to participate because we provide a free workshop before each pageant to ensure everyone is prepared.  Every contestant  will receive honorable on stage recognition at the pageant because MAG realizes that every girl has her own unique style and we want it to shine through, however,  please note that MAG is NOT A GLITZ STYLE PAGEANT.  No make-up, is allowed on Little Miss and younger contestants.  No noticeable make-up is allowed on Pre-Teen contestants. 

Queen titles are awarded to a Princess, Little Miss, Pre-Teen, Jr-Teen, and Teen.   

The Queen’s Title is based on scoring in the following areas:

  1. Formal Wear     30%
  2. Fun Fashion      30%
  3. Interview            30%
  4. Sportsmanship  10%