For the main pageant, our experienced panel of judges will score each of the Princess - Miss Division Contestants in Formal Wear, Fun Fashion, and  Interview.  Each event is 30 percent of the total score. The remaining 10% is earned through good sportsmanship.  The Top 5 contestants will receive an age appropriate On Stage question.

 Miss American Girl is looking for “Real Girls”.  All attire should be “age appropriate” and make-up is not permitted for ages 9 and under.  No noticeable make-up for ages 10 - 12.  This is not a glitz pageant.


Formal Wear - This event is designed to let you show your own style, beauty, and personality while modeling the dress of your choice.  Although the judges do not look for certain fashion trends, you should wear a color and style that is flattering to you and makes you feel good. Each contestant will gracefully model her Forml wear while soft music is played in the background and the emcee reads the information provided on the emcee card.  The KEY to this event is to exude your inner beauty and personality and your outer beauty will show.  

A demonstration will be provided before the actual event.       

Fun Fashion This event is designed to showcase your personality and modeling skills. Attire must be age appropriate for your age division.  Let your outfit reflect your personality And just have fun!     

Interview- The Miss American Girl interview segment is not a test.  It's an opportunity for the judges to get to know you a little better.  Each girl will meet the friendly panel of judges for a lighthearted and age appropriate conversation about you.  No political or personal questions will be asked.  The key is to have fun and engage with the judges.


On Stage Question This event is designed to allow the contestant an opportunity to express herself while thinking on her feet.  The contestant will randomly pick an age appropriate question from a box and answer to the best of her ability.  The key to this event is to have a clear and concise answer while maintaining poise, confidence, and eye contact.  There are no right or wrong answers and the contestant’s age is taken into consideration when scoring.      

Sample Questions

Pre-Teen Division 

What is your favorite subject in school?

If I came to your house, what would we do?


Jr Teen – Teen Divisions 

Whom do you admire?  Why?

What character qualities do you look for when choosing a friend?

What recent goal have you accomplished?



Optional Contests provide additional opportunities to win more fabulous prizes. Although the optional competitions are a highlight of our pageant, they have no impact on the overall pageant scoring.


Optional Categories include:


Photogenic competition Put your best face forward.  Professional or amateur photos, head or body shots accepted

Fun Fashion – Model your favorite age appropriate outfit to upbeat music.


Optional Awards

Winner - Cash Award, plaque


Cash Award dependent on the number of contestants registered