Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  Do I need pageant experience to participate in Miss American Girl Pageants?

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!  We will provide each contestant with the information and tools necessary to do well.  Remember, we are looking for Real Girls who show natural charm and confidence and have the ability to represent themselves and Miss American Girl Pageants with high esteem.

QUESTION: Do I need to wear a pageant gown?

ANSWER:  Although some girls will likely wear gowns, they are not necessary for this pageant.  We recommend you wear an outfit that fits properly and is age appropriate.  Just wear a dressy outfit that you would feel comfortable wearing to church or a fancy outing.  So don’t go out and buy a new dress for this pageant. 

QUESTION:  Can I wear make-up?

ANSWER:  Miss American Girl Pageants is not a Glitz style pageant.  We are looking for real beauty, inside and out.  No make-up is allowed for Little Miss Division and younger.  No noticable make-up for Pre-Teen Division contestants.   Jr Teen Division and older may wear age appropriate make-up.   

QUESTION:  Will the on-stage question be difficult to answer?

ANSWER:  The point of the on-stage question is not to trick anyone.  It is designed to show how the potential queen would converse while representing Miss American Girl Pageants.   The questions will be age appropriate.  For example, a Princess contestant could be asked something like; What is your favorite color?  The judges are not looking for a speech or dissertation but try not to give one-word responses.  It shouldn’t take more than 10-20 seconds to answer the question. The older age divisions will be asked questions suitable for their age.   

Question:  What is a Personal Introduction?

ANSWER:  A personal introduction is your opportunity to tell the judges and audience something about yourself.  At a minimum, you will say your name, your hometown, school, and something interesting about yourself.  For example:  Hi, I’m Sally Smith from Hometown USA.  I’m in the 6th grade at Buckeye School.  When I grow up, I would like to be a famous magician. Thank-You.  You can add a little more if you want, but at a minimum, state these things.  Try not to make your introduction longer than 30 seconds.

QUESTION:  Do I have to be in the optional contests to win the Queens title?

ANSWER:  Absolutely not.  The optional contests are just that, optional.  The results of the optional contests in no way influence the results of the main Queens pageant.  They provide young girls an opportunity to practice their many talents in front of an audience and receive gentle feedback and recognition about how it was perceived.  The optional judges are not evaluating the contestants technical ability.  They will be more impressed with the entertainment value of the performance.  With that said, give it your best and break a leg.

QUESTION:  Is the pageant like the show “Toddlers & Tiaras”?

ANSWER:  Definitely Not!!!  Miss American Girl Pageants is not a Glitz or a Beauty Pageant.  Therefore, it is not necessary or acceptable for children to show-up with over-the-top heavy make-up, fake teeth, etc.   The competition categories of the Miss American Girl Pageant provides girls and young women an opportunity to hone her public speaking skills, learn how to think on her feet, and practice the general grace and etiquette that is necessary for success in life. Expect the Miss American Girl participant to feel a little more confident that she can accomplish her goals after completing the pageant program.  

Question: How is the Division Queen selected?

ANSWER:  Each contestant will participate and be scored in three required competition areas: (1)Dress Wear, (2)Personal Introduction, (3) and the On-Stage question.  Each competition is 1/3 of the total score.  The contestant with the highest total score will be named Queen for her division.

QUESTION:  Do I need to pay all fees when I register for the pageant?

ANSWER:  It is important for contestants to register before the deadline to ensure a spot in their age division and for pageant planning purposes.  Although total fees may be paid at anytime after the registration opens, contestants are only required to pay a minimal deposit by the deadline. The balance is due at pageant check-in.   

QUESTION:  Will I have enough time to change my clothes if I’m in the optional contests?

ANSWER:  Definitely!  There will be plenty of time between the optional competition and the main pageant.

QUESTION: What type of pictures do best in the photogenic contest?

ANSWER:  Photos may be amateur or professional as long as they are clear.  The photos that do best show the contestant with a big smile and plenty of personality.  Photos should be no smaller than 4X6 and no larger than 8X10.